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About Pitchshifter

  • PITCHSHIFTER has been a feature of the British music scene for over two decades. In printed media, the band has graced the covers of magazines such as: Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, Rocksound and Big Cheese (for which frontman J.S. Clayden was also a long-running guest columnist). Pitchshifter was the first band to be drawn into 2000AD (the UK's longest-running and best-selling comic) and are mentioned in the introduction to the original graphic novel "The Crow".

    On the radio, Pitchshifter has recorded numerous sessions for the infamous John Peel Show (RIP) and was a staple on XFM and the Radio 1's rock shows for many years.

    On TV, the band has globally graced the small screen, from MTV's Fashionably Loud in Jamaica to Japan's Fuji TV. Pitchshifter's music has also been used by industry giants Volkswagen, to promote the release of the Vortex edition Bug.

    In movies, Pitchshifter's music has been used in major motion pictures, trailers and soundtracks, including: Mortal Kombat, Paycheck (John Woo) to cult classic The Crow and oddball Sci-Fi thriller Brainscan starring Edward Furlong (Terminator).

    In video games, titles such as "Test Drive," "Twisted Metal," "SX Superstar" & "Rallisport Challenge 2" have all used Pitchshifter's music to enhance the gaming experience.

    In the live arena, from the infamous band-induced stage invasion at the Phoenix Festival, to a piano solo with a sledgehammer at the Garage Club in London (RIP), Pitchshifter's live show is incendiary. The band has played main stage at the Reading Music Festival and toured the UK, USA & Europe on Ozzfest and Warped Tour. In fact, Pitchshifter has wrecked havoc in over 27 countries, alongside touring partners such as: Deftones, Quicksand, Tool, Fugazi, Static X, Black Sabbath, Incubus, Taproot, Hundred Reasons, and many more. Pitchshifter is even credited with giving bands like Lost Prophets and Therapy? a kick into the UK scene by taking them on the road as their support acts.

    In the studio, Pitchshifter has recorded eight albums, four EPs and thirteen singles, a handful of videos and a DVD. The band has collaborated with Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), John Stanier (Helmet/Tomohawk), Producer Machine (Lamb of God/Lost Prophets) and Dave Jerden (Alice In Chains/Jane's Addiction/Offspring). On the production tip, Pitchshifter has commissioned remixes from an eclectic mix of artists from Biohazard to DJ Punk Roc. Similarly, the band has also been asked to remix many bands from Clawfinger to platinum-selling Welsh giants, Stereophonics.

    In the office, Pitchshifter took its band/fan relationship to a new level in 2002 by starting its own record company, PSI Records. A number of Pitchshifter release ensued, along with the "No End In Sight" album by heavy-hitter This is Menace (an underground collaboration of names from Carcass to Killing Joke led by Pitchshifter's Mark Clayden on bass and Jason Bowld on drums). PSI Records continues to this day, predominantly as a music licensing company, providing music for tv, movies and games such as: Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, Harry Potter, National Treasure, Star Trek and "Call of Duty".

    Odd facts: 1) there was a crop circle fashioned in the shape of the Pitchshifter "eye" logo. 2) Singer J.S. was once assaulted on stage by right-wing fanatics. 3) Pitchshifter had one of their album covers banned in Poland.

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  • Remix War
  • Remix War

    Released : 2009
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Triad (Pitchshifter Remix)
    2. Diable (Therapy? Remix)
    3. NCM (Pitchshifter Remix)
    4. Triad (Gunshot Remix)
    5. Diable (Pitchshifter Remix)
    6. Triad (Biohazard Remix)
    7. To Die Is Gain (Pitchshifter Remix)
  • www.pitchshifter.com
  • www.pitchshifter.com

    Released : 1998
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Microwaved
    2. 2nd Hand
    3. Genius
    4. Civilised
    5. Subject To Status
    6. W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G.
    7. Please Sir
    8. Disposable
    9. A Better Lie
    10. Innit
    11. What's In It For Me?
    12. I Don't LIke It
    13. Z x 81
    14. Free Samples
  • Infotainment?
  • Infotainment?

    Released : 1996
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Introductory Disclaimer
    2. Underachiever (0990 243003 Mix)
    3. Underachiever
    4. Product Placement (Disinformation Mix)
    5. (We're Behaving Like) Insects
    6. Virus
    7. Product Placement
    8. (Harmless) Interlude
    9. Bloodsweatsaliva
    10. Hangar 84
    11. Whiteout
    12. Phoenixology
    13. Pitch Sampler Vol 1
    14. Pitch Sampler Vol 2
  • Desensitized
  • Desensitized

    Released : 1993
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Lesson One
    2. Diable
    3. Ephemerol
    4. Triad
    5. To Die Is Gain
    6. (A Higher Form Of) - Killing
    7. Lesson Two
    8. Cathode
    9. N-A
    10. Gatherer Of Data
    11. NCM
    12. Routine
  • Submit
  • Submit

    Released : 1992
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Gritter
    2. Deconstruction
    3. New Flesh Psi
    4. Bastardiser
    5. Dry Riser Inlet
    6. Tendrill
  • Industrial
  • Industrial

    Released : 1991
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Landfill
    2. Brutal Cancroid
    3. Gravid Rage
    4. New Flesh
    5. Catharsis
    6. Skin Grip
    7. Inflammator
    8. Eye