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About Black Tamanous

  • A four piece relentless, noise making machine driven by all things heavy. Their musical style fuses thick sludgy riffage, barrages of groove laden thrash, screaming feedback and gut rumbling breakdowns. Black Tamanous demonstrate a complete lack of passion or mercy for the subtle and sublime. Expect no sweeping solos, melodic interludes or profound metaphors. Instead their heavy handed musical approach, along with their aggressive lyrical content draw inspiration from the lurid video nasties of the 1980s, along with the stories of real life serial killers. With one foot firmly planted in the 90s and the other exploring more modern ground, Black Tamanous cite their inspirational influences as Pantera, Sepultura, Machine Head, Carcass and Lamb of God. Their debut album; Tacoma truly demonstrates all of these elements that define the essence of Black Tamanous, a must see band for those who have no respect for their eardrums.

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  • Tacoma
  • Tacoma

    Released : 2012
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    Track List
    1. Tacoma Part I [from Earth]
    2. Awakening
    3. Decapitated
    4. Blood, Bone & Bile
    5. The Red Tree
    6. Down to the Bones
    7. Tacoma Part II [in Shadow]
    8. A Confrontation
    9. Skullfucked
    10. The Death Rattle of Multiple Miggs
    11. Lost
    12. Interfector
    13. Tacoma Part III [to Ashes]

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