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About Collibus

  • Hailing from the underground Manchester metal scene, Collibus is a five-piece female-fronted progressive metal band of tour-de-force proportions. 

    Having won the 2013 Parliamentary Rock the House Discretionary Metal Award, Collibus made history by becoming the first heavy metal band ever to play a set in the House of Commons; had the music video for their winning track Dead Inside featured on Scuzz; and released their debut album The False Awakening all in a matter of months.

    The January debut album launch was impressively followed by a quick succession of major festivals snapping up Collibus onto their lineup – with Download, Graspop Metal Meeting, Sonisphere, & Wacken Open Air all signing the band so far in 2014.

    The album and their historical Parliamentary live set have bagged them an increasing number of fans, among whom they count rock legend, Queen's Brian May:
    “Collibus is already a phenomenon. Scary musicianship at the most furious end of the metal spectrum, crowned with Gemma Fox's passion and power as a vocalist. Ouch. Impossible to ignore.”

    Iced Earth's Luke Appleton hailed Collibus'
    "Monstrous guitar solos, a grooving rhythm section and a vocalist that just smacks you in the face with melody!”

    Although The False Awakening has only just been released, the British rock press has stood up and taken notice. 

    Malcolm Dome, Prog Rock Magazine, said:
    “The False Awakening will be seen as one of the year's best debut albums. It's a work that points the way to a future where they're regarded as one of the master prog metal bands of the era.”

    Alexander Milas, Metal Hammer editor, said that The False Awakening is:
    “A heady dose of full-on, red-blooded British heavy metal.”

    Dave Ling, Metal Hammer, reviewed the album saying:
    “You'd expect them to pitch a sound that is several notches above the ranks of British hopefuls [Collibus'] independently released album reeks of future promise...Watch them fly.”

    Rock the House Founder (and metal fan) Mike Weatherley MP who hand-picked Collibus for the Rock the House award, said:
    “The Collibus sound is profoundly unique. They glide seamlessly through heavy in-your-face riffage, astounding technical sections, thought-provoking melodic passages, symphonic string arrangements and powerful vocals...I literally have not been able to listen to anything else since I got The False Awakening. They were fantastic in Parliament and I cant wait to see them play the 2014 metal festival circuit!”

    Collibus is:
    Gemma Fox | Lead Vocals
    Stephen Platt | Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals, Production
    Daniel Mucs | Rhythm Guitar
    RJ Kershaw | Bass

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On Saturday 9th August I had the pleasure of meeting Collibus which was amazing we did a short interview and then I got to see them live on the Sunday. So here goes with the interview. Kelly Miss Piggy: How has it been this weekend so far at bloodstock?

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News Was Posted on: 10th September, 2014

With all the hype surrounding Collibus this year you can’t help but have high expectations for their debut album The False Awakening...and it does not disappoint. This album has something for everyone with hints of groove and classical teamed up with the

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News Was Posted on: 4th August, 2014

  • The False Awakening
  • The False Awakening

    Released : 2013
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Lie in Wait
    2. Leave It All Behind
    3. The Fallen
    4. Thoughts in Vain
    5. Burn Out
    6. Break the Silence
    7. Undone
    8. Hollow
    9. Dead Inside
    10. Insurrection
    11. LifeBlood
    12. Spite
    13. The Hunted
    14. The False Awakening

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