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About No Sin Evades His Gaze

  • No Sin Evades His Gaze are a brand spanking new five-piece metal act hailing from London, Blackpool and Scotland in the UK

    Comprised of members from various bands including ex-Ravenface and ex-Bleeding Oath, the project was founded mid 2013 by vocalist James Denton. The band's debut album "Age Of Sedation" is mastered and is scheduled for release later in 2014, alongside a music video for the title-track.

    Influences for the album span the full spectrum of the genre with Death Metal, Groove, Metalcore, Progressive and even some Djent stylings being prominent throughout. The tracks are primarily riff driven, taking ideas from bands such as Lamb of God and Pantera and applying them to a much more contemporary, down-tuned crushing modern template.

    With an aggressive lyrical style and delivery, catches and hooks are scattered generously throughout with technical lead work and mechanically tight percussion wrapping everything together perfectly. No Sin aired their debut single 'Age Of Sedation' on legendary Johnny Doom's radio show.

    The quintet have already been confirmed for UK Tech Fest, Headbangers Balls London, Out Of The Ashes Festival and more confirmed appearances are yet to be revealed showing how much faith the tastemakers of the metal scene already have in them just from listening to the album.

    No Sin plan to crush all in their path. And with the reaction to the band's highly original, and all encompassing sound gaining the attention of the big boys, No Sin Evades His Gaze debut year as a band is looking exceptionally exciting.

    We're immensely honoured to be joining a plethora of incredible bands at this years BOA. To be invited to a festival with such deep roots in the metal community is a big deal for any artist and even more so for a new band. It goes without saying we'll be bringing our A game in August and we fully expect the Bloodstock crowd to live up to its reputation as the most fierce in the UK's metal festivals.

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  • Age Of Sedation
  • Age Of Sedation

    Released : 2014
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    Track List
    1. A Crack In The Looking Glass
    2. Age Of Sedation
    3. Motionless In Obedience
    4. Filth
    5. Roll Up The Royalty
    6. Debris
    7. The Cycle Resets
    8. Biometric Alchemy
    9. The Guillotine Blade
    10. Affinity

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