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About Convincing Clearity

  • Convincing clearity is a Metal band from Stavanger, Norway. 
    The band mixes trash with core elements, forming the new genre roadkill metal.

    Roadkill metal is a mix of multiple genres. Each band member has walked a different road musically, and has different preferences. Roadkill metal combines our favorite sub genres into a heavy and angry yet melodic sound.

    Convincing Clearity was born in 2012 by 5 people that had a common goal and interest. 
    Whilst trying to reach their goals, they've left behind several music videos and studio sessions.
    This is a band that performs 110% in everything they do from studio to stage.

    In february 2014 they had their first concert at Chevy's, FULL HOUSE!
    More concert were soon to follow, such as Stavanger Musicfestival where they played at the main stage at Folken.

    June 2014 they joined the fight to win a performance at bloodstock, through Metal to the mases. Eight other bands joined the competition, but Convincing Clearity came on top. 

    August 2014 Concert at Bloodstock festival with other bands such as Dimmu Borgir, Children of bodom, Megadeth and so on.

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  • King I Am
  • King I Am

    Released : 2013
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. King I Am
    2. Last In Line
    3. Crafted By Trust

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