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About The Canyon Observer

  • The Canyon Observer is a five member post/noise/sludge band. They involve sheer primal agression and atmospheric noise escapades in their music. TCO shared stages with bands like Russian Circles, Rosetta, God Is An Astronaut, Ahab, played MetalDays and frequently tours Europe.

    "Pretend for a moment that you discover your new favorite band, they've blown your fucking mind with their perfect balance of style and substance, their commitment to crafting sound over pressing the flesh. But shit, now comes the realization you may never catch them live because they're not traipsing the states in a dented van and you'll have trouble even finding (or pronouncing) their hometown on a map." HEAVY PLANET about Chapter II

    "Brilliantly played and produced from the start. I did not know much about this band. However, they are going to become quite well known, as their music is just epic." SLUDGELORD about Chapter I

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  • Chapter II: These Binds Will Set Your Free
  • Chapter II: These Binds Will Set Your Free

    Released : 2012
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    Track List
    1. As We Surrender to Lust, Pt. I
    2. And the Pleasure of Pain, Pt. II
    3. We Can Descend Into the Unknown, Pt. III
    4. And Drift Away, Pt. IV