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About Reprisal

  • "Wielding an admirably distinctive blend of thrash and death metal, these young Brits already sound very much like the finished article, boasting power, precision and lacerating hooks galore. Ichneumanity is a truly startling debut." 
    DOM LAWSON (Metal Hammer, March 2014, Issue 254)

    "Reprisal's thrash/extreme metal manages to blend old-school elements with modern awareness and aggression, and the end results are very effective. The songs are well-constructed, there's some fine guitar work in evidence, and the band have avoided leaning too heavily on any particular influence and sounding derivative. With Russ Russell lending his talents to the mixing and mastering processes, you can be assured of strength and clarity to the sound, and that brings out the best in this handful of tracks. This is a strong opening statement from a band with plenty of potential."
    CHRIS KEE (Zero Tolerance, April/May 2014, Issue #058)

    "Through a strong sense of song craft this modern sounding thrash juggernaut never tires and remains diverse enough to keep you hooked all the way through... packing an intensity missing in a lot of bands." 
    LUKE HAYHURST (Destructive Music, December 2013)

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  • Ichneumanity
  • Ichneumanity

    Released : 2013
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Atomic Tectonics
    2. Idiot Tyrant
    3. Kill the Brain
    4. Thoughtopsy
    5. Sanity Vacuum

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