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About Kill All The Gentlemen

  • Kill all the Gentlemen is an Exeter based four piece metal band playing uncompromising, adrenaline fuelled, blast you in the face metal. KATG blend Death Metal influences with the thoughtful and intricate song writing of more mainstream acts such as Machine Head and In Flames with added blast beats.

    Their newly released self-titled EP was recorded by James Dunkley (Amon Amarth, Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Anthrax) at the iconic Foel Studios (My Bloody Valentine, Napalm Death, Klaxons). The EP hosts an evocative but punishing half hour of music showcasing the certainty that KATG is a force to be reckoned with for the future.

    The band have recorded some tracks with Chris Fielding (Dyscarnate, Primordial, Conan), for a full length album. They are currently pursuing Festival slots for 2014 and will tour Europe later in the year. KATG are focused on a campaign to get their name out and firmly fastened in the minds of metal’s tastemakers.  The EP premiered and was streamed on Terrorizer.

    The year 1549.  900 throats cut, the river, arterial red, the rebellion crushed. A massacre of such horror it could not fail to leave an echo.  An echo that would last for over 400 years.  Phantoms or demons, if you will, waiting to be avenged, waiting to finish what they started.  To slaughter those that would seek to control, obfuscate to the highest degree ‘till now their voices unheard. Their timeless bloodlust and anger has found willing vessels to carry on their work, to remove the scourge of the fallacious pretenders.

    Conceived from hate and born of desire.

    KILL ALL THE GENTLEMEN, once law abiding peaceful men, now incarnated unclean, malevolent remnants of the murdered.

    It is time to flee. The Rebellion Is Coming...

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  • Kill All The Gentlemen
  • Kill All The Gentlemen

    Released : 2013
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    Track List
    1. Epithet -3db
    2. Nailstorm
    3. As The World Opens
    4. Frost On The Sun -3db
    5. Midnight In Eden
    6. Lives Lost -3db
    7. A Rose All Evil Chose
    8. Legion Of I

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