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About Eradikator

  • Eradikator are a 4 Piece Thrash Metal Band from Birmingham UK. The birthplace of heavy metal monsters such as Black Sabbath, Napalm Death and Judas Priest. Drawing on all their life and musical influences, Eradikator set out to create face melting, ear shredding Thrash metal that would make even the most hardened metal heads ears hemorrhage liquid steel.

    Eradikator are commited to the ideal of living in mediocrity to bring Heavy music to the masses and living life as one big raging, smokin party. With a single goal of being able to tour their asses off for the rest of their life's Eradikator are 100% commited to doing whatever it takes to play metal all over the world and have a fucking blast doing it.

MACCOV returns for a second year! The date for Mosh Against Cancer Coventry has already been announced as 6th - 9th April 2017. After raising an amazing £1330 at the inaugural show, they will once more be raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust. Now

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News Was Posted on: 25th September, 2016

Eradikator are a four-piece thrash metal band from Birmingham UK, the birthplace of heavy metal. Wearing their influences proudly on their sleeves, Eradikator set out fast and intense thrash metal with a strong melodic sensibility, very much in the vein of 80s

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News Was Posted on: 2nd November, 2015
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  • Edge of Humanity
  • Edge of Humanity

    Released : 2015
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Mesmerised
    2. Man Behind The Mask
    3. Edge of Humanity
    4. AstralBody
    5. Seasons of Rage
    6. Fortress Unknown
    7. The Great Deception
    8. Dead Hands of the Past
    9. Kairos Passing
  • Dystopia
  • Dystopia

    Released : 2014
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Dystopia
    2. Skeletal Steel
    3. Hells Sentinels
    4. Dark Legions
    5. Across the Sea of Black
    6. Overthrow
    7. The Compound
    8. World of Compulsion
    9. Judgement Before the Throne
    10. Odysseus
    11. Utopia

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