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About Unforeseen Prophecy

  • Unforeseen Prophecy formed in July 2010 and since then we have bulldozed our way through many venues with our intense blistering performances. From the pure aggression sparked from the vocals to the all out assault of the dual guitars, we aim to leave audiences gagging for more. Adding a few well placed guitar solos and a handful of female vocals into the mix as well, there is always something for every true metal head to enjoy from our performances.

    We started gigging in May 2011 after spending a good 8 months faced with line up changes, writing and rehearsing. From then on, we have gigged with such acts as metal giants Malefice, Exit Ten, Silent Descent, Seven Deadly, Sanctorum and Cursed As Angels to mention a few. In the early months of 2012 we entered our regions Bloodstock metal to the masses competition and ended up finishing 5th out of over 100 entrants, which with under a years experience gigging, speaks for itself.

    Our debut 6 track EP entitled 'Without Consequence' is available now from our bigcartel website or from the band personally for merely £4. The music will also be available very soon on Itunes and other digital media outlets. Whilst being independently recorded, we sought the musical expertise of Seven Deadly guitarist Dave Irving to fulfil our potential with the mixing and mastering. The EP captures our intensity and diversity with an array of songs that will leave you banging your head and humming to yourself hours later. We are currently working on a music video for our single from the EP entitled 'Fractured' which we aim to be releasing very soon.

    With only a years experience gigging and a whole handful of accolades under our belt already we have no direction to go but up. With that being said, we hope to be tearing your eardrums apart very soon!

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  • Without Consequence
  • Without Consequence

    Released : 2012
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    Track List
    1. Silent Voice
    2. Gods Gift
    3. Judgement Call
    4. Fractured
    5. Without Consequence
    6. Trials

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