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About Divine Chaos

  • From the depths of the British Metal under ground to stages all round Europe treading boards with some of the top names within' the Metal community, Divine Chaos is a name familiar with fans, known for their uncomprimising live shows and brutal twist on Thrash Metal.

    The forthcoming debut album ‘A New Dawn In The Age Of War’ Delivers a standard of album that is superior in musicianship and songwriting blending hook after hook into infectious arrangements set to secure Divine Chaos a position among the Metal elite.

    'A New Dawn' Explores a side of thrash akin to the early 90's thrash sounds of bands like Sepultura, Death and Carcass whilst maintaining the accesibility of pioneers such as Metallica and Slayer. Add to this the technical progressive execution of bands like Symphony X and Opeth that Divine Chaos employ and you have an original take on 25 years of metal!!

    To put it bluntly Divine Chaos are a five piece metal band from the south east, intent on creating better music and a more intense live show than the sort of act people have become used to in recent years. 

    Divine Chaos blend what they believe to be the best elements of metal into their own and do not seek acceptance...

MACCOV returns for a second year! The date for Mosh Against Cancer Coventry has already been announced as 6th - 9th April 2017. After raising an amazing £1330 at the inaugural show, they will once more be raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust. Now

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News Was Posted on: 25th September, 2016
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  • A New Dawn in the Age of War
  • A New Dawn in the Age of War

    Released : 2014
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Last Confession
    2. Death Toll Rising
    3. The Myth of Human Progress
    4. Shadow of God
    5. Ignorance Everlasting
    6. Rivers of Blood
    7. Fields of the Fallen
    8. Sinain Sands
    9. Perpetual War Policy
  • Every Empire Shall Fall
  • Every Empire Shall Fall

    Released : 2010
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. In Return We Kill
    2. No Mans Land
    3. Path To War
    4. The Infernal End