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About M.O.F.O.

  • M.O.F.O. was formed in 2010 in Brasilia, Brazil by Rodrigo "Shakal" Loreto and Lucas Werner with the purpose of creating thrash metal. Joined by "Jp" Heringer on bass, Gustavo Miglioranza on drums and Emiliano Gomes on Vocals, they've recorded a demo in 2012 with 4 songs.

    2013 was a troubled years with the departure of co-founder and guitarist Lucas Werner, but with the arrival of Arthur Colonna, new force was found and shown with the new song Express Babylon, released as a live recording. August of 2014 comes the with temporary departure of Emiliano and Andre "Dede" Sampaio is brought to the picture. M.O.F.O. is currently writing and rehearsing new songs, soon to be recorded.

    Rodrigo "Shakal" Loreto - Guitarra / Guitar

    Arthur Colonna - Guitarra / Guitar

    Pedro Dinis - Baixo / Bass

    Gustavo "Gustavera" Cardoso - Bateria / Drums

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  • Nosferatu Demo
  • Nosferatu Demo

    Released : 2012
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Inner Demons
    2. Blood Tears
    3. Share Your Hate
    4. Tartarus

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