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About Emrevoid

  • Emrevoid rise from the ashes of the black metal band Thy Cold in the year 2004 in Cesena, Italy.
    Guitarist Alessandro Rossi (Alien Syndrome 777, Blackdrone Inc) and drummer Fabio Savini (ex-Taetrum, ex-Zombie Holocaust) decided to continue the undertaken musical path, but with a turn toward old school death metal sound, while maintaining their Scandinavian influences.
    After years of instability and line-up changes, in october 2010 the band starts the recording of the self-titled debut album, with the guitarist Alessandro Rossi taking care of the mixing and mastering process.
    Entirely produced in the rehearsal room and released in September 2011, the album presents 10 tracks for a total of 40 minutes of sonic assault.
    So begins an intense live activity, sharing the stage with bands such as Napalm Death, Essenz, Dementia Senex, Sedna, Under the ocean, Lamantide, O, carnality, Crawling Chaos and other names of Italian and international scene.
    A subsequent change of line-up finally leads to a compact team in June 2013, with Riccardo Zappi (ex-Dementia Senex) on bass and Gaetano Rizzo (Lambs, Noisefall) as the new vocalist. Emrevoid are gradually leaving the old tunes, pushing towards more personal style and experimenting with new solutions, making it hard to labelling within a single musical genre. The band is currently entering the studio to record six new tracks that will be part of a new EP, to be released at the end of year 2014.

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  • Riverso
  • Riverso

    Released : 2014
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    Track List
    1. Patibolo
    2. Il Tuo Disegno
    3. Mostro
    4. Obbedienzassenza
    5. Riverso
    6. Hic Et Nunc

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