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About Wizzo

  • Wizzo , training in the Paris region , is one of the few modern bands that have managed to capture and magnify the spirit of hard rock of the 80s, then popularized by bands like AC / DC and Guns N Roses.

    This young group had the chance to perform in front of an enthusiastic audience , which encouraged him to continue on the path he had chosen. Being as such a live band , Wizzö still looking for a new experience to speak face new audiences.

    In concert, no surprises on the horizon : the guarantee of an energetic and enjoyable set! The group's energy comes from the strong link between its musicians. Wizzö is now a welded quintet produces a Rock N Roll perfectly balanced thanks to the original profiles of its members !

    2014 seems to be a promising year for the Paris combo and they will begin sharing the stage with Nashville Pussy (USA) Debauchery (De) , and M: WORST OF EVIL (UK) to continue with Crucified Barbara (SW) , Magoa (Fr) and Voodoo VEGAS (UK) . October 21 released the first album " Real Hot Stuff" and Wizzo gave the occasion a concert at Covent Garden, again in the first part of Nashville Pussy (USA).

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  • Real Hot Stuff
  • Real Hot Stuff

    Released : 2014
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    Track List
    1. Dr Destroyer
    2. One Night Stand
    3. Hot Rod
    4. Real Hot Stuff
    5. Hellraiser
    6. I Do What I Want
    7. Dirty Legs
    8. Doesn't Matter
    9. Teasing the Devil
    10. The Pleasure Is to Play

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