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About Chagall

  • Formed in 2012 by James Miller (Guitar), Dan Clements (Drums), and Giles Botelho (Bass) Toronto's Chagall brings groove and rhythmic complexity to the intensity of extreme metal. The addition of Luke Gallo (Vocals) in 2013 resulted in the band's self-titled EP, released August 2014. Since the EP's recording and Giles' departure, bass duties have been taken over by Adam Blake and the band has added Arnold Alaadhami as a second guitarist. Chagall played a number of shows in Toronto over the summer and fall, and is busy writing new material for a full-length they plan to record in early 2015.

    Our unpredictable arrangements are what make us stand out from the crowd, but these are upheld by all those things we love about metal: Heavy riffs, rich harmony, furious drumming, and intense vocals.

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  • Chagall
  • Chagall

    Released : 2013
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    Track List
    1. Into
    2. The Erased
    3. Is That Me Dead In A Ditch
    4. The Black Hole
    5. Kobak Covet
    6. Spread Your Death

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