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About Derision

  • Exploding out of the weather-battered North West of England, the mighty Derision have been blazing a trail across the UK over the last few years, propagating their own unique take on the thrash metal blueprint and paying their dues in deference to the ancient metal Gods. Comprising vocalist Tony Smith, guitarist Eddie White , drummer Nathan Kenny and bassist Ian McCormack, this streamlined wrecking machine received a tsunami of plaudits and praise upon the release of their 2011 debut album Ancient and now, after many months of tireless slog, are gearing up to take on all-comers once again, driven forward by renewed confidence and intense focus.

     “Although we’re often labelled with the thrash tag, we primarily consider ourselves just a metal band,” explains Eddie White. “We'd like to think we have scope to expand our horizons, rather than stick to the standard thrash format which can be very limiting. we aim to add more melody and more memorable and catchy riffs. Ultimately, we don't follow the in crowd, we do what feels right.”

    In stark contrast to a great number of young British metal bands, Derision exhibit an exhilarating refusal to compromise and a fearless dedication to their brutal art, specialising in wildly entertaining but remorselessly intense live shows that have garnered positive reactions across the metal media, not least from Metal Hammer Editor Alexander Milas who has described the band as “phenomenal”. As they begin work on their second batch of material, Derision continue to fly the flag for no-nonsense, skull-battering metal at its feverish, adrenalin-fuelled best.

    “We have no gimmicks or no make up, but we have great energy, I think, and that comes across to the audience every time,” says Eddie. “We are committed but, equally, we're not deadpan serious! That doesn't mean we mess about either, but we are honest at what we do and it shows. We also have a great frontman who always gets the crowd going, and we think the songs come across extremely well live too.”

    Eschewing the traditional route, Derision’s current plans involve the release of two distinct EPs, both of which promise to showcase a newly revitalised sound and those aforementioned broadened horizons. Devoted horror fans, the band will be delving into conceptual waters on these releases: on the first EP, 'Rise Of The Departed' they focused on the world of zombies and the impact of an undead uprising on humanity. On the second, they will pay tribute to stone cold classic horror flick ‘The Thing’ and its legendary atmosphere of otherworldly paranoia. These are traditional themes for metal, of course, but Derision’s ferocious intelligence and unstoppable passion will ensure that their new songs will be anything but predictable.

    “The new EPs will have more dynamics than the debut album, for sure,” states Eddie. “There will be more guitar solos, more harmonies, better vocals and much catchier songs. You can see from our video for ‘Predation’  how we've changed as band from the first album. This has happened organically and wasn't forced. As a band grows together, things change. And we’re ready for anything.”

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  • Rise of the Departed
  • Rise of the Departed

    Released : 2014
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Endemic
    2. Ignorance Is Your Downfall
    3. Predation
    4. Cry Fallen Man
    5. Rise of the Departed
    6. The Void Inside
    7. Dissolution
  • Ancient
  • Ancient

    Released : 2011
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Pain Of Conviction
    2. Solitary Isolation
    3. A Path Complete
    4. The Ancients
    5. Last Grain
    6. Art Of Manipulation
    7. New Dawn
    8. Born From Chaos
    9. Final Solution

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