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About Sicocis

  • S I C O C I S (psychosis) has been unleashed onto the Las Vegas scene in 2008 and successfully gained attention from fans, promoters and critics alike claiming SICOCIS to be one of the top metal bands to come from the city of sin.

    Playing with national headlining acts like Devin Townsend, Warrel Dane (Nevermore) Blackguard,Cage, In this Moment, Scar Symmetry,Skeleton Witch,Melovant Creations, The Absence and many more. With fusing the sounds of the metal scenes like Gothenburg, Scandinavia , with progressive melodic metal bands from the U.S like Symphony X, Nevermore, SICOCIS has become what magazines like Metal Storm Monthly & Vegas Rocks say “Original” & “Big, Epic metal”.

    In 2011 SICOCIS won the 2011 Diablos Rock the Roof battle of the bands for $10,000 with high praises from the judges and the crowd.

    Ernie Rodrigues - Vocals/Guitars
    Rafael Ortega - Guitars/Keys

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Tell us about how Sicocis came to be, how it formed and how it became what it is today? Rafael: Sicocis has had a few different incarnations in the past here in Las Vegas, it can go way back to 2005 when it was more of a prog rock band. Around 2008 we

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News Was Posted on: 10th July, 2015
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  • Requiem of the World, Vol. 1
  • Requiem of the World, Vol. 1

    Released : 2014
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Principium Et Finis
    2. Requiem of the World (Dawn of the Final Day)
    3. We Shall Rise
    4. Fuctus Mortis Mundi
    5. A Warships Omertá
    6. Somnium Oculi
    7. With Open Eyes
    8. Transitus Novum Principium
  • Sicocis
  • Sicocis

    Released : 2012
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Preminitions
    2. Prelude to Insanity (act 1)
    3. Await your Fate (act 2)
    4. Hourglass
    5. Psychosis
    6. The Offering
    7. Corridors Within
    8. Revelations End (act 3)

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