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About After The Abduction

  • We are a Manchester based Death Metal band forming a complete line up in 2015. Our first gig being June, 2015 in Oldham, and have since been gigging wherever we can to gain a stronger fanbase. In the short period of time we have been around we have hit Manchester, Wigan, Liverpool, Macclessfield, Bolton, Northiwich and Wakefield and have come across many very talented and great musicians.

    Influences - Dying Fetus, Necrophagist, Nile, Decapitated, Ingested, Behemoth, Cerebral Bore, Cattle Decapitation.

    Adam Smalley (Tam) - Vocals
    Ben lane (50 Notes) - Guitar
    Gordon MacBeath (Diesel) - Guitar
    Lewis Tyson (The Gun) - Bass
    Liam MacBeath (Uncle Stix) - Drums

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