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About Midnight Sorrow

  • Passionned by Symphonic Metal, Maureen ( vocals) and Nicolas ( Keyboards ) (Ex- LunaTales) decide to create their own musical project. In a cold winter of 2011, Midnight Sorrow was born.

    Quickly joigned By Bertrand ( guitars/vocals - ex Nightpain, ex LunaTales ), the band begins the composition of a solid tracklist.

    Early 2012, St├ęphane ( Drums, Ex- Apoplexy ) strong of its 15 years of experience in the Death metal, just bringto the departure trio, sought out dynamic breath. Early 2013, Samuel ( Guitar - Ex-Desideria) has lend a hand, laying its flights on the rythm of Bertrand.

    The end of this year also rings the departure of Bertrand. But as a renewal, thebeginning of 2014 helards the arrival of William ( Bass ) sealing the band formation.

    In february 2014, they release their first EP " At First " They prepare their first lengh album out in 2016.

    Lyrical singing , sharps riffs and soaring symphony, Midnight Sorrow weaves his musical universe combining melody and power.

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  • At First
  • At First

    Released : 2014
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    Track List
    1. Crystal Drops (intro)
    2. Waterfamll
    3. Between Sun and Moon
    4. At First
    5. Behind the Waterfall (orchestral track)

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