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About Suborbital Lobotomy

  • Suborbital Lobotomy are a 4 piece Nu Metal band from Sheffield who’s core sound is pure and solid groove which is enhanced by the clear influence from Hard Rock, Progressive Metal and Metalcore to create a big, melodic yet heavy package that is ready to explode. “One of the best bands to ever grace the Sheffield scene” - Assassination Music

    Formed in 2012, Suborbital Lobotomy quickly gained a name for themselves through their incredible live shows and unique sound. A combination of huge groovy riffs, massive singalong choruses and crushingly heavy sections combined with Funky bass, technical, almost progressive drumming and a huge oversized slab of stage presence have helped Suborbital Lobotomy tear apart stages across the whole of Sheffield and other places around England. Their has been described as “Disturbed on crack” and “A huge mixture of the likes of Korn and Five Finger Death Punch along with Lamb of god and Slipknot for good measure"

    In January 2015 they released their debut self-recorded, 5 track EP entitled “Monster in the Mirror” Which really captures the traditional Nu Metal rough edges and brings it straight into the more modern era through establishing the correct mix between traditional heavy Nu Metal with todays more melodic form from such bands as Skindred. After gigging heavily for the following months Suborbital Lobotomy penned a contract with Doncaster based label, Sound House Records and are currently recording their debut full length album due to be released in 2016!

    If Suborbital Lobotomy are in your town, make the trip and witness a show that is making a huge mark in the scene for its combination of sweaty, intimate, crazy metal shows and raves which really tie together the final strings and shows people exactly who Suborbital Lobotomy are and why they are a huge force to be reckoned with!

    Axl Hill - Vocals
    James Brookes - Guitar
    Tom Robinson - Bass/Backing vocals
    Max Braithwaite - Drums/backing vocals

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  • Monster in the Mirror - EP
  • Monster in the Mirror - EP

    Released : 2015
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    Track List
    1. Reflections (feat. Darkore)
    2. Monster in the Mirror
    3. Day of the Dead
    4. Blackened Love
    5. Conscience

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