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About Petrichor

  • Petrichor are a three piece blackened funeral doom band from Leeds, West Yorkshire.

    Formed in 2015, their ambition is to make crushing funeral doom that rends the soul, with the aggressive edge of black metal and a hint of the atmospheric soundscapes of post rock.

    The name Petrichor means the smell of earth after the rain, and that gives an idea of what the band aim to sound like. The sound of scraping stone echoing around the deep cavernous maw of the Earth. The cry of the land.

    Their main musical influences are My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost and Celtic Frost.

    Vocals: Jon "Stormbeard" Crowder
    Bass: Nate "Nadir" Lewis
    Drums: Ben Grimm

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  • Rain
  • Rain

    Released : 2016
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Drown The World
    2. As The Dark Steals The Light
    3. This Too Must Die
    4. We Are The Fire
    5. Nihilist

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