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About Now or Never

  • Now Or Never was founded in 2012 by guitarist Ricky Marx (ex-Pretty Maids) and drummer Ranzo, to be joined soon after by vocalist Jo Amore (ex-Nightmare), and bass player Kenn Jackson (also a veteran ex-Pretty Maids member). Short after, Now Or Never recorded their selftitled debutalbum at the Peek Studio in the South of France, co-produced by the band and Pat Liotard.

    Their eponymous debut album was released worldwide on the Mausoleum Records label, early 2014 and got a very good response from the hard rock scene and good international reviews by the press. Already in the fall of 2015, Now or Never entered Peek Studio and finished recording their second album "II", again co-produced by Pat Liotard.

    Now Or Never is a band of experienced musicians, both on the road and in the studio:

    Ricky Marx is an inventive and experienced guitar player, who was a fulltime member of Pretty Maids and recorded two albums with them. He’s also an experienced producer and accomplished songwriter.

    Kenn Jackson was also a fulltime member of Pretty Maids for nearly 20 years and has recorded more than 13 albums together with the legendary Danish act.

    Jo Amore is originally a drummer, but traded in his sticks for a microphone. He was the vocalist for the successful French Metal band Nightmare, with whom he recorded a dozen or so albums, as well as performing on major festivals and venues all over Europe and the US.

    Ranzo is a powerful drummer and has played with various Swiss and German bands, such as Sultan, with whom he recorded a couple of albums. Having collaborated with Nightmare in the past, he is also the main author of the lyrics of Now Or Never and also a co-writer of some of the music together with Ricky Marx.

    Now Or Never perform epic anthems featuring bone crushing filthy riffs and memorable melodies delivered by a singer whose has been justifiably described as bloodcurdling. Now Or Never epitomizes the evolution of Hard Rock into modern Metal Music.

    Ricky Marx (ex Pretty Maids) - Guitars
    Ranzo (ex Sultan) - Drums
    Jo Amore (ex Nightmare) - Vocals
    Kenn Jackson (ex Pretty Maids) - Bass

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  • II
  • II

    Released : 2016
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. The voice inside
    2. Sonic Ecstasy
    3. King for a day
    4. I shall remain
    5. The answer
    6. Revolution
    7. Save me
    8. Feel alive
  • Now or Never
  • Now or Never

    Released : 2012
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Reach Out for the Sky
    2. Now or Never
    3. Wind of Freedom
    4. Brothers
    5. Hardened Steel
    6. Princess of Undiscovered Land
    7. An Angel By My Side
    8. How Do You Feel?
    9. Dying for You
    10. Weirdo Lullaby

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