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About Devils Playground

  • When Birmingham based Aceldama split up in November 2014, Dan and Leanne focused on some ideas they'd been working on with former Sicfelt vocalist Matt.

    Combining Matt's hardcore vocals with Leanne's powerful melodies over fast and dirty riffs, it instantly clicked so brought on board Aceldama guitarist Ian and began the search for a drummer.

    After months of searching, word came of an old friend becoming available. Devils Playground welcomed Bez from another well known Birmingham based band, I Hate You More. The line up was completed when Luke joined the band on guitar, cementing Devil's Playground's sound and direction.

    With the intent on having as much fun as possible, the band decided to not be confined with writing in a certain style and simply write what they enjoy. From bouncy nu-metal tracks like Cross the Line, to thrashier tracks like Time to Die. They put on a show that captures the audience every time and they're here to make themselves known.

    Are you ready to play?

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  • Devils Playground
  • Devils Playground

    Released : 2016
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Time to die
    2. Cross the Line
    3. Broken
    4. Beautiful Lie
    5. Fireball
    6. Final Stand

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