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About Shadows Of Violence

  • Forged in 2007, Shadows of Violence have grown to become a force of nature. Using driving beats, pounding riffs and powerful vocals Shadows of Violence fuse to create Metal in its purest form. Chris Moules has been shouting since birth. Performing for the last decade, Chris joined us in 2013 evolving our sound to new heights. Incorporating a blend of melodic tones with screams from the depths of hell, Chris's ability continues to wow crowds.

    George Watts handles an axe with incredible speed and precision. Playing with Shadows of Violence since 2012, George brings incredible neck-snapping riffs and impressive lead work which combined with his presence of pure Metal leaves you in awe.

    Martin Haigh is a founding member of Shadows of Violence whose ability on the guitar has grown to a standard very few can reach. The centre of the band's creative process, Martin has been the forefront of the band's evolution over the years.

    Michael Burrows founded Shadows of Violence with Martin and has been destroying the drums ever since. Complementing the band with driving beats creates an aura of Metal where listeners have no choice but to snap their necks.

Today marks the release of Metal Ovation, a free to download album with some crackin artists. We at AHM would like to thank every single band that have kindly donated a track to make this album as good as it is, It has been a great pleasure working with you

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News Was Posted on: 17th December, 2015

We are pround to announce the final bands that will be appearing on our free to download album.   In one more week on the 18th of December this album packed full of great artists will be released and all we ask is that if you like these bands tell

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News Was Posted on: 11th December, 2015

What's the name of your band? What's the origin of that name? Have you changed the band's name before?  We are called Shadows Of Violence. The name actually came when I (Martin) was playing online on the xbox, and a clan was called it, and

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News Was Posted on: 20th January, 2015

For the last couple of days I have been listening to the brand new E.P by the band Shadows Of Violence called 'Rise', The launch date for this is 5/09/15 at the Milo Bar in Leeds if you can make it down you really should do, after

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News Was Posted on: 4th September, 2015

  • Rise
  • Rise

    Released : 2015
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