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About Orpheum

  • Orpheum was born in 2010, released their debut EP in 2012 while performing in and around London that year.

    During 2013 a member left and an operation took place, so the band headed back to the studio to write.

    After a long search for a new bass player, in 2014 former Silent Cry bassist Phillipe Dutra joined the Orpheum family.

    At the break of the year, the band's debut album "Darkness and Decay" was announced, along with the title track being released online. The year sees the band back performing live and for the first time at venues around the UK, including London, Sheffield, Guildford and Brighton. An announcement for the release of their debut album is imminent, along with tour dates already being booked for 2016.

    Erin Johnson - vocals,
    Fin Thomson - guitar,
    Mars Martin - keyboard & backing vocals,
    Andy Thomson - drums,
    Phillipe Dutra - bass

London based Gothic Progressive Metal band Orpheum have announced their theatrical debut album "Darkness and Decay" will be released on 24th June 2016, through their Official Store and digitally through iTunes, Spotify and most

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News Was Posted on: 11th June, 2016

Today marks the release of Metal Ovation, a free to download album with some crackin artists. We at AHM would like to thank every single band that have kindly donated a track to make this album as good as it is, It has been a great pleasure working with you

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News Was Posted on: 17th December, 2015

We are pround to announce the final bands that will be appearing on our free to download album.   In one more week on the 18th of December this album packed full of great artists will be released and all we ask is that if you like these bands tell

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News Was Posted on: 11th December, 2015

What's the name of your band? What's the origin of that name? Have you changed the band's name before?    We named ourselves Orpheum in 2010 from a long list of names we'd come up with. It's taken from the old theatrical

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News Was Posted on: 13th December, 2015
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  • Darkness and Decay
  • Darkness and Decay

    Released : 2016
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Darkness and Decay
    2. Treason
    3. No Way Through
    4. Broken Glass Kiss
    5. Said the Spider
    6. Porcelain Doll
    7. Eden
    8. Memento Vivere
    9. Memento Vivere (Cello Lament)
    10. Memento Vivere
  • Treason EP
  • Treason EP

    Released : 2012
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Treason
    2. Spiritus
    3. Porcelain Doll

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