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About Morgue Orgy

  • Forged in 2008, in the molten bowels of the very birthplace of Metal, Birmingham's Morgue Orgy are the UK metal scene's last hope for melodic death metal.

    Combining lush diatonic harmony and the thrashy bite of Carcass with the modern sensibilities and razor sharp riffage of The Black Dahlia Murder, and the ability to move from grandiose neoclassical keyboard solos to furious grindesque two minute blasts, Morgue Orgys formidable live show garnered them a coveted slot at Bloodstock Open Air in 2010, and they've shared the stage with the likes of Anaal Nathrakh, Evile and the Rotted, to name but a few.

    Following the release of debut E.P. 'The River & I' and follow up 'Murders Most Foul', (featuring guest vocals Dave Hunt of Anaal Nathrakh), Morgue Orgy are currently promoting their debut full length "The Last Man On Earth", Which is available to download for FREE from there website, the link is below

    "The band of the night for me, local heroes Morgue Orgy were on top form... Having given the crowd a set indistinguishable in quality from that of any headline metal act, I can safely say that it is criminal that Morgue Orgy aren’t more well known." 5/5 live review for support to Anaal Nathrakh 6th Dec 2012, Jack Traveller - onemetal.com

    “these Brummie bruisers are a melodeathly blackened thrashing outfit with flecks of synth” Terrorizer

    "Cradle Of Filth having their summer vacations in Sweden" 4.5/5 Metal Invader

    "Convincingly Punishing" 3.5/6 Zero Tolerance magazine

    "Morgue Orgy have a place among the elite of the extreme scene" 9/10 Rock Hard magazine (Greece)

    live review (Support to Anaal Nathrakh) 10/10 Power Play magazine

    "a commendable debut from a band with burgeoning potential" 82/100 powerofmetal (Denmark)

    "You're alright you are mate" a devoted fan.

We are pleased to announce that having worked with some great bands; we can now bring you some awesome free music. Each band has donated a track from their play list to make this compilation for you all to enjoy. We

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  • The Last Man on Earth
  • The Last Man on Earth

    Released : 2014
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. They Came from Outer Space
    2. 4 Days
    3. Phantasms of March
    4. The Last of the Summer's Wine
    5. Barnum & 399
    6. 70 Dead Pt 2 - The Scarecrow of Medan
    7. Castle Freak
    8. Waiting for the End
    9. The Last Man on Earth (The Diary of George)
    10. It Lurks Beneath!!!
    11. Paradise
    12. In the Smoke of the Green Ghost
  • Murders Most Foul
  • Murders Most Foul

    Released : 2011
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. 70 Dead
    2. Maniac
    3. Scared To Death Of My Own Face
    4. Shit On Your Grave
    5. The Modern Prometheus