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About Soldier

  • I formed the NWOBHM band Soldier in the early eighties and In the early nineties I got involved in recording my own music,Starting with a Yamaha MD8 and moving up to Pro Tools systems. I wrote and recorded 3x albums under the name "Fret" with the help of local musicians. These records are mainly rock based with some ballads. blues and even a bit of funk thrown in.Influenced by many guitarists I love including Gary Moore & Joe SatrianI. All 3x albums available here for free download The Musicians - Declan Burke - Dec plays with Frost & Darwins Radio.He did the vocals on Overboard along with some guitar parts on the track I'm taken in.He also wrote the lyrics for I'm taken in, Truth, Shine & Depending on Bill Perry - Bill played with funk band Red Dakota and now lives in New Zealand. He did the vocals on Dead of Winter, the guitar solo on Island.Bill also wrote the lyrics for Touch, Vale of tears, Island, The fine line & factor X Mark Da Costa - Mark did the vocals on Free my soul and the lions share of the bass guitar on all 3x albums. Mark was also invaluable in helping with mixing and producing the Fret albums Cathy Rivers - all female backing vocals Colin Giles - Sax I wrote all the music and the rest of the lyrics for all 3x albums. I also played all guitar parts and keyboards Please also check the links for Soldier webpages Ian Alan Dick

We are pleased to announce that having worked with some great bands; we can now bring you some awesome free music. Each band has donated a track from their play list to make this compilation for you all to enjoy. We

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News Was Posted on: 15th January, 2015
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  • Dogs of War
  • Dogs of War

    Released : 2013
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Dogs of War
    2. I Can't Breathe
    3. Fireflies
    4. The Eye
    5. Lock & Load
    6. Bedlam
    7. Demon In The Room
    8. I Am
    9. Forever
    10. Take Me Home
    11. No Mans Land
  • Sins of the Warrior
  • Sins of the Warrior

    Released : 2005
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. In My Room
    2. Storm of Steel
    3. Sins of the Warrior
    4. I Still Believe
    5. Fire in my Heart
    6. Murderous Night
    7. Halfway There (Heavy Metal Maniacs)
    8. Walls Come Tumbling Down
    9. Darkest Heart
    10. Natural High
    11. Starhaven
  • Heavy Metal Force
  • Heavy Metal Force

    Released : 2004
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Sheralee
    2. Force
    3. Magician
    4. Silver Screen Teaser
    5. For You
    6. Fire in My Heart (live)
    7. Lost in Time (live)
    8. Making a Stand (live)
    9. Man from Berlin (live)
    10. Lost and Found (live)
    11. Bad to Good (live)
    12. Infantrycide (live)
  • Infantrycide
  • Infantrycide

    Released : 2003
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Infantrycide
    2. Come on Down
    3. Silver Screen Teaser
    4. Paradox