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About Demoraliser

  • Metalcore band from Grimsby formed in June 2010. Their early EPs cemented them as one of the most talked about bands on the underground circuit, earning them stage time with the likes of Defeater, Bury Your Dead, All Shall Perish, Terror and many more. 

    Now with a colossal debut album ready to unleash unto the masses, Demoraliser are primed to set the Metalcore world alight with the infectiously crushing record that is ‘A Living Nightmare’. 

    Vocalist James ‘Dex’ Dexter’s venom fuelled barks smother the band’s infectiously catchy, yet relentlessly heavy onslaught. Beneath all this is a mature sense of melody, akin to the likes of 90’s genre pioneers such as Poison The Well and Darkest Hour.

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  • A Living Nightmare
  • A Living Nightmare

    Released : 2014
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    Track List
    1. Pretender
    2. A Living Nightmare
    3. Checkmate
    4. The House Always Wins
    5. Early Years
    6. Eye To Eye
    7. Mother's Ruin
    8. Reap What You Sow
    9. Blind Sighted
    10. Blood Meridian