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About Assassin

  • In 1983/1984, Psycho/Danger was the one who first suggested the name Assassin. In Anglo-American terms, Assassin means a “politically motivated murderer”. The Assassins (arabic “Hashish consumers”. French = “murder”) were members of  a political, Islamic, Shiite secret organization in 11A.D. who also acted in their own self interest for power. Disliked kings and leaders were kidnapped or assassinated and the reward for the “soldiers” was hashish which gave them a euphoric feeling of paradise which was a strong motivator for each Assassin.

    The band chose “Assassin” as it's band name for it's shock value, the threatening nature of the word and it being easy for metalheads to remember. Another good reason was that Assassin starts with “A” so in alphabetically arranged lists, Assassin is always mentioned in the beginning.

    Unknown to the band at the time, there were already two American bands in the early 80s who were also called “Assassin”. Subsequently, it was found out that there were more bands that existed with the same name.

    A French rap band and a glam metal band from Taiwan to name a couple.

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  • Chronicles Of Resistance
  • Chronicles Of Resistance

    Released : 2011
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Forbidden Reality
    2. Nemesis
    3. Fight (To Stop The Tyranny)
    4. The Last Man
    5. Assassin
    6. Holy Terror
    7. Bullets
    8. Speed Of Light
    9. Assassin (live in Osaka 2010)
    10. Baka (live in Osaka 2010)
    11. Abstract War
    12. A.G.D.
    13. A Message To Survive
    14. Pipeline
    15. Resolution 588
    16. Junkfood
    17. Interstellar Experience
    18. Baka
    19. Strange World
    20. Low Intensity Warfare (Casbah Coverversion)
  • Breaking The Silence
  • Breaking The Silence

    Released : 2011
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Breaking the Silence
    2. Raise in the Dark
    3. Judas
    4. Turf War
    5. Destroy the state
    6. No Fear
    7. Kill or be Killed
    8. Real Friends
    9. Strike Back
    10. I like Cola (Rappongi Version)

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