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About Stonewater

  • From humble beginnings, Stonewater originally began as a recreational jamming session in 2010, but it was soon realised that some really great material was coming out of these sessions and it was obvious that they had to keep it going. Thus, Stonewater was born.

    Stonewater's inception, being that it was so organic, really shows in their content and through the band members themselves. The originality and creativity shown through their unique songwriting truly reflects the spontaneity and abundance of their natural talents yet it does not lack intelligence or precision. Stonewater have really begun to find themselves sonically and the band are currently in the process of writing dynamic new songs and looking forward to performing new material that has never previously heard in their upcoming shows. These are exciting times for York based band Stonewater, as they become more and more in control with their unique, diverse and ever progressing sound. This is a band with real drive and ambition, moving forwards without losing their core sound and motives. They have been inciting new interest across a diverse spectrum of people since their EP entitled Blame was released last year.

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  • Blame EP
  • Blame EP

    Released : 2015
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    Track List
    1. Blame
    2. Cried
    3. Shiri Shiri

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