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About Evil Impulse

  • Evil Impulse, born in late summer 2012.

    After a break of one year, Victor G. Nieto Kondena songwriter and guitarist desapericida Metal band in 2011, is placed in contact with Antonio Ramirez and begin the songwriting of Evil I imposed, recruit for the new band, Dani Ruiz, bassist, Borja Rosado, drums. Pablo Ruiz, Guitar incorporates just months after finishing the recording of what is the first EP of the band "Flames From The Ground", published and distributed in February of 2013

    The style practiced by this metal band is very blunt, with variations to Groove-Thrash Metal, with flashes of death metal, full of aggression. The voice plays an essential role both as guttural as in melody reminiscent of Southern American metal bands.

    The words that define Evil Impulse are "Attitude,Professionalism and Delivery". This band will leave no one indifferent.

    Band members:

    Borja Rosado --- Drums and Percussion.

    Dani Ruiz - Bassist

    Antonio Ramirez-Vocalist.

    Victor G. Nieto - Guitarist.

    Zeus Fernández - Guitarist.

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  • Flames From The Ground
  • Flames From The Ground

    Released : 2013
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Manhunt
    2. Infernal Fucking Life
    3. The End Of The Road
    4. Chaotic Anxiety
    5. Revelations From The Bible Belt
    6. When The Killer