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About Blacken The Name

  • Formed in November 2011, Blacken The Name are a five piece Metal band from Ashford, Kent and was the brain child of Oli Smith (Bass) and Oscar Rodriguez (Lead Guitar).

    After a couple of changes, Blacken The Name have now cemented a strong line up of hard working individuals with an extreme passion for music.

    It's very difficult to put Blacken The Name into a certain genre, they would be described as a Metal/Experimental band drawing influences from many artists and bands from across the world of different styles.

    Elliot Dixon -Sincerity: "it's nice to hear a band doing something fresh"

    Dan Wyatt - Vocals

    Oscar Rodriguez - Guitar

    John Shaw - Guitar

    Oli Smith - Bass/Backing Vocals

    Nathan Antino - Drums

    Former members:

    Luke Cooper - Vocals (2008-09)

    Scott Brooks - Drums (2011-13)

    Kelvin Hopes - Drums (2013 - 14)

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    Released : 2014
    Views : 0
    Track List
    1. Choke
    2. The End
    3. Bury The Knife
    4. Jekyll And Hyde
    5. Lament

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